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Interior Design Dilemma

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

It's a brand new day! I have never officially blogged and then I asked myself, "Why not"? Welcome to my design world. My name is Sharon Capek, and I am the Design Director of SDC designs, an Interior design studio located in Greenville South Carolina. I love what I do, but most of all, I love interacting with people, and clients and creating community.

I have an invaluable tip that a friend shared with me some time ago: "It is simple". The design challenge you are facing right now is simple. There are always solutions to our design problems and a lot of times they are right in front of us.

Here are some suggestions for improving an existing space with a less-than-ideal budget.


Paint changes everything. it is one of the most visually transforming and cost-effective solutions because if you do not like it, you can change it! If you have less than perfect walls, a flat finish paint works well because it does not reflect light and is very forgiving of flaws because it offers an even coverage. However, if your two-year-old artist decides to start his/her career on your flat finish wall, no need to panic because there are other solutions.

A matte finish is ideal because it creates a uniform surface, is non-reflective, and allows for easy cleaning.

When hiding imperfections is not an issue, an eggshell finish with the primer mixed in is a great choice. It has a low sheen and works well for high-traffic areas. When you have decided what's most suitable for you, be sure to ask for an option with low v.o.c. (volatile organic compound). It does not contain harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers include Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams. If you have trim, you will need to paint with a gloss finish.


It's neutrals all the way! I am not necessarily referring to cool or warm greys on the color spectrum because they are great choices. Teal, blue, or orange can be considered neutral depending on the hue. The neutrals I am referring to have subtle gray undertones that allow these colors to be soothing and not shouting.

Photos: SDC designs


Sometimes a space gets stuck in a layout that has served its' time. Reposition that sofa, chair, and coffee table and incorporate pieces from other rooms. Do an exchange. Go to your favorite store and get new pillows in various textures and tones, add a throw and a great scent using candles and diffusers. Complete the look with lanterns of varying heights and sizes. Your home is your oasis, so only keep the things you love. Make it fun!


Lighting is important to design because it engages and transforms spaces by layering. Layering your light source adds an architectural quality to the space because the lights interplay and create an atmosphere. It is intentional so the decision regarding specific lights needs to be intentional. There are three primary sources: Ambient, Accent, and Task lighting.


This is your general light source whose goal is to provide a great distribution of

a soft white light that is comfortable and not glaring. Examples: Chandeliers, pendants, flush mounted ceiling, cove, soffit, and recessed.


Lights upward to the ceiling and distributes light evenly. It is typically used in hospitality and commercial

spaces: Lounge, lobby, and restaurants. Residential spaces include a kitchen and

master bedroom.


Lights the underside of an overhang on a structure. This includes a deck, a roof

and the recessed roof area above the kitchen cabinet.

Accent Lighting

Is used to illuminate what you want others to see such as art, sculptures, and bookcases. Outside objects include your landscape and pathways.

Examples: Track lighting, sconces, picture lights, standing lamps, under the cabinet lighting.


It is most appropriate for lighting a specific area to complete tasks like reading, dining, and handling tiny objects in a workshop. Examples: Table or desk lamps, lighting over a kitchen island, and pool table.

Have a blast with your project while you discover the endless possibilities that are right in front of you.

SDC designs

Interior Architecture Studio

Tel: 715-827-0188

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