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 The Build-75

At SDC Designs, we are passionate about using design to build communities. The Build-75 is a 501c3 non-profit company that was formed to provide homes for women and their children whose lives have been severely impacted by the trauma of abuse or trafficking. It is a housing solution that will provide homes at a fraction of the cost. Our vision also includes the restoration and renovation of homes within marginalized communities. SDC Designs believes in creating solutions for affordable housing, which starts with the community that is assigned to us. Great design and architecture should be accessible to everyone. These homes will be built with an emphasis on sustainable design principles and the love of God.


West Greenville SC
A community development project

WEST END 005.jpg
Unity Park
West Grenville 001.jpg
MILLS AFTER_edited.png
west end 007.jpg
Photos:  City of Greenville website.

We are growing our vision

We have had an eventful year and by God's grace, we have been supporting families in the communities we are called to serve.  We collaborated with our local supermarket, Harris Teether who donated money to The Build-75 to feed another family.  We are thankful for the support of our Greenville SC community as we continue to serve others with the resources that God has entrusted to us. Our vision is to expand our resources to feed, clothe, and provide shelter for abused/trafficked women and their children.


The Build-75 is a 501c3 Non-Profit located in Greenville SC. Sharon Capek, founder and Managing Director of The Build-75, receives
a cheque from a manager at Harris Teether, Greenville SC.

What we have been doing

West Greenville is our community. In 2023, one of the goals of The Build 75, was to collaborate with other non-profits that were like-minded or community-driven. We collaborated with our church to help with outreach at Miracle Hill, Greenville SC. Their mission is to provide clothing, books, furniture, and accessories at a reduced cost for anyone in need.

Miracle Hill, Greenville SC
THE BUILD 75 AND MIRACLE HILL 006_edited.jpg
The Build-75 Non-Profit and members from our church team.




We also collaborated with Habitat for Humanity on the construction of a new home for a family in West Greenville. That means one more family has seen their dream of home ownership come alive! We are so thankful for this great opportunity to work with Habitat and support a team that has a vision similar to The build-75.

Habitat for Humanity

HABITAT 002.jpg
Northern view of the street
HABITAT 001.jpg
Area is being prepped for
HABITAT 003.jpg
The exterior of the built environment
Photos:  The Build-75
Greenville SC

During the pandemic and after, we have been feeding people and donating food in Greenville SC as well as the community in Asheville SC. We also collaborate with other non-profits like S.W.I.T.C.H. in the fight against human trafficking.


Asheville SC
Greenville SC
Greenville SC

During Christmas of 2022, we partnered with a local church that paid for five families to enjoy two nights in five hotel suites. They were showered with presents, meals, and gift baskets to show how loved they were by their community. The Build 75 sponsored the decor for one of the suites. We were so honored to be invited to do this and we are also happy to know that all five families are on a waiting list for new homes.


HOTEL 004.jpg


HOTEL 001.jpg
hotel 007.jpg
hotel 016.jpg
HOTEL 002.jpg
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