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Miracles of the Journey
Book project

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Me, Myself, and Him
A journey with Holy Spirit

Format: Kindle and Paperback Edition
by Sharon Capek (Author)

"Me, Myself and Him:  A journey with the Holy Spirit " - Paperback

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-  $21

Several years ago, I felt the need to write a book about my relationship with Jesus Christ. It was important because of my experiences, questions, and frustrations. I longed to know Him and what His thoughts were about me. This book unveils my journey and the beautiful heart of our compassionate Heavenly Father.

The stories are accurate, but a little crazy, however, I encourage us to surrender our thoughts and opinions and engage Him in a conversation. He is waiting to reveal to you how beautiful you are and to give you the answers you have been longing for.

May we receive His restorative power and joy to live on purpose as we share our Heavenly Father's love. Let us be intentional when we
communicate with each other and the communities we are called to serve.



Lessons from Covid 19, 2020


The book has been recorded in the Library of Congress for Historic Preservation. It has also been listed as a bestseller on Amazon in several categories. The stories that we have told will be there as a reminder of the events of 2020 for many years to come.

"Lessons from COVID-19, 2020. 

26 -Stories, one pandemic". 

Paperback. Shipping is included.

Please allow 4-5 days for packing and 7-14 business days for shipping and delivery.

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- $25

"Can we breathe"? Format: Paperback Edition 

by Sharon Capek (Author)

Twenty-six voices were invited to tell our stories about the year 2020 and its impact on our lives. What a year it has been!

We are all still standing by the Grace of God to relay our version with the hope of inspiring, uplifting, and providing healing for anyone.  

JWG Publishing has been simply fantastic!

Dr. Joan Wright-Good and her amazing team created this platform for those of us who were authors or desired to be.  


 Must-read books

SDC Designs supports various talents within our community.  They are artisans, designers, and authors with whom we collaborate.

Absolute Victory through Jesus Christ Format: Kindle Edition
by Scott Capek (Author)
Are you drowning in a sea of hopelessness over concerns for the future or demons from the past?  Fear, depression, and mental illness are all by-products of the environment and how it is perceived by you and me.  I know this because I lived it for more than twenty-five years.  A newfound faith in Jesus Christ and the victory I obtained through His grace are the inspiration for this book.

by Scott Kevin Capek (Author), Skylar Brooke (Editor), and Sharon Dawn Capek, (Illustrator). The e-book is available on Amazon for $9.99

Confessions of a Token Black Girl
Format: Kindle Edition

by Danielle Small (Author)

Confessions of a Token Black Girl is a snappy comedic tale framing Danielle's first-hand experiences in Wisconsin and other places as the perpetual 'token black girl". It's funny, it's serious, but most of all, it gives a clear picture of her journey through the treacherous waters of racism and black identity and what that meant to her and those around her.
The e-book is available on Amazon and Goodreads for $3.99

HAIR 002.jpg

Afromation II: Daily Hair Affirmation
Format: Kindle Edition – April 26, 2021
by Sharon Betts (Author)

"Afromation is a series of books created to help Black Kings and Queens get comfortable with their hair patterns. It includes tips, nuggets, advice, affirmations, and more. As a hairstylist for over 20 years, I have helped my clients to look and feel their best through hair and soul care, it means everything to continue this paradigm. As a result of my relationship with my clients, my salon became the place where they emptied themselves of complex issues with their hair and self-image. It became the focus of ministry and deep discussion as I attended to them. It became more than hair; they and I began to develop a relationship that was almost like a therapist and patient. I hope you will be empowered by these afro affirmations". - Sharon Betts.

The kindle e-book is available on Amazon for $9.99.

by Sharon Bett (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

Umojah Afromation Handbook
Format: Kindle and Paperback Edition
by Sharon Betts (Author)

This book is an inspirational piece for Sharon's clients as she always encourages them with God's word. She aims to use this book as a bridge between hair counseling, hairdressing, dancing, and her faith by talking about her life experiences and the lessons she has learned, through the medium of poetry - Amazon


by Sharon Bett (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition.

The kindle e-book and paperback are available on Amazon for $3.75.

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