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It's a sofa!

Updated: Apr 23

I bought a new sofa and It has changed everything. My Mid-Century eclectic style has become Mid-Century-Classic. In the field of Architecture and Interior Design, a line has great significance and carries with it various interpretations. It tells a story because it is a language.

My previous sofa was transitional: meaning the design allowed it to be functional within several design styles, and because it was the focus, it influenced all my design choices for that space. My new sofa has changed everything. This sofa has unlocked my passion for various artistic expressions. I want to fill my walls with Monet, Cezanne, Contemporary and African influences. Previously, my walls were minimal. This was partly a reflection of my choice of sofa, but primarily because I felt un-inspired by the space that I was designing.

Do not be afraid of change. Our world has changed and continues to change every day. Make that design decision that will create the transformation you have longed for. Follow your heart by expanding your home office or creating a special space for you.

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